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Paula Poundstone, Starship’s Mickey Thomas, Dr. Garcia

August 11, 2016

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Comedian Paula Poundstone,  Starship’s Mickey Thomas, and Dr. Julio Garcia, Plastic Surgeon to the stars, guest on Las Vegas Backstage Talk radio show with Comedian Michele LaFong.

Paula Poundstone began nurturing her stand-up comedy talent in 1979 on the Boston comedy scene before moving to San Francisco. She starred in multiple HBO comedy specials and appeared on “Saturday Night Live.” Poundstone received a Cable ACE Award for a comedy special for her one-hour HBO special “Cats, Cops, and Stuff.” She received her second Cable ACE Award for her self-titled HBO talk show series.

Continuing with many successes throughout the 1990s, Poundstone starred in “The Paula Poundstone Show” on ABC and many other television appearances, including an HBO Special. Poundstone is the recipient of an Emmy Award for her field pieces on the PBS program “Life & Times.”

For more about Paula, click HERE

Mickey Thomas legendary singer from Starship

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Known for the unforgettable hits that defined the decade, including “We Built this City,” “Jane” and “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now,” Thomas will perform for five special shows, before continuing his national tour with Starship.

Mickey Thomas, legendary singer from Starship, will appear at Boulder Station H & C on August 12.

Dr. Julio Garcia, “Plastic Surgeon to the Stars” 

dr. garcia












Dr. Julio Garcia, Plastic Surgeon to the Stars, returns on Las Vegas Backstage Talk Radio Show with Comedian Michele LaFong.

Dr Garcia speaks about what’s new, and now available, as well as affordable not just to the stars, and Elvis Impersonators, but to 9-5 people competing to stay competitive, and stay working in corporate America.For over 24 years, Dr. Garcia has provided incomparable aesthetic surgical support to Las Vegas valley residents. He also has had the privilege of caring for patients from around the country and around the world, from places such as Alaska, the U.S. east coast, to as far away as Israel, Italy, and Great Britain. As a full-service cosmetic enhancement facility, available treatments ensure patient’s confidence in having found a home for all their elective surgery needs. Specializing in BOTOX Cosmetic, Dysport Injections, laser toning, laser surgery, permanent makeup, filler injections, sculptra injections and tattoo removal.

For a limited time only, Dr. Garcia is offering our audience at Las Vegas Backstage Talk a free consultation, if you mention our show or code: lafong

You can find out more about Dr. Julio Garcia’s services, click here!



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Jan. 14, 2012: It Took Paula Poundstone To Make LaFong’s Jaw Drop!

Yes. It’s true. Paula Poundstone made my jaw drop! I suppose my husband was right. I was capable all along!

It really does take a lot to make my jaw drop. I guess that I was shocked that it was even possible for a comedian to perform a hilarious, lull-free, smart, clean show of all new relevant material, while working the crowd masterfully. Paula Poundstone did it with ease, for almost two hours straight! (No pun intended.) Talk about underselling, and over delivering!

Yesterday, after interviewing Paula on “Las Vegas Backstage Now,” currently “Las Vegas Backstage Talk” with Comedian Michele LaFong, on 1230AM KLAV in Las Vegas, and The Web.  I was fascinated by Poundstone’s humble self-reference as “Just a Little Joke Teller, and very importantly, a single mom of three.” I couldn’t imagine that her new act was just that: A new act. But it was. Wow! What a concept. It’s not like some of us comics have never written new acts. Of course we have. All the time, and funny ones too! It’s just that…well…when the time comes to perform it, we realize that audiences deserve the “tried and tested” material.

You see, a lot of us performers are doing the same old crap on stage, time after time because we are humanitarians. We sacrifice our own need to branch out and grow, for the sake of our paying audiences. Yeah…I believe that. And if I were a drag queen, my name would be Dee Nile! I guess I realize all of this now, after watching a “super-pro” like Paula Poundstone.

I hadn’t seen Paula’s show in its entirety, in a very long time. I kept waiting for the old “snicker bar commercial bit,” or “I’ve never been rich enough to be a republican” bit, or some other old familiar staple. Instead, she was always present, and “in the moment,”completely plugged in to any whispers or extra noises in the room, piping in with hilarious comments, and comebacks, while simultaneously weaving in and out of her new material. Although Paula Poundstone’s act is always uniquely funny, her real strength lies in working the crowd.

During my interview with Paula, she stated that chatting with the audience, is what she truly enjoys doing the most. It really showed too! Everyone was engaged, invested, and having a great time. Who would have figured that a comic, that is a single mom with three that proclaims on stage that she dislikes sex with ANYONE, lives with sixteen cats, two dogs, and other creatures, would be such a “people person?” But a “people person” she is! After the show, Paula did a meet and greet, posing for pictures with her long line of fans. What a great show, and a wonderful value.

Paula Poundstone will be my Feature Interview in Michele LaFong’s Monthly Syndicated “Getting Personal with the Stars” Column in Casino Player Magazine, July edition 2013, as well “Las Vegas backstage Talk’s Syndicated Monthly Column, in Casino Player Magazine.

Paula Poundstone is appearing at The Orleans Showroom, Jan. 13- 14 at 8pm
Tickets start at $19.95 plus tax. Call (702) 365-7075

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July 19, 2011: Kato Kaelin, and Jeff Richards, formally from “Saturday Night Live,” guest on “Las Vegas Backstage Now”

Kato Kaelin, and Jeff Richards, guested on our very last “pre-taped” show, of “Las Vegas Backstage Now,” which will air on Tuesday, July 19, from 6:05-7pm Pacific Time, on 970 KNUU AM, in Las Vegas, and worldwide on The Internet. (Click on link on “Las Vegas Backstage Now” website, during show hour only.)

Kato Kaelin, Jeff Richards, and Greg Wilson, are performing at “Big Al’s Comedy Club,” at The Orleans H&C, in Las Vegas, thru the end of the July.

This particular taping, turned out to be one of “Las Vegas Backstage Live’s” most fun, “off the cuff” shows, which now, is the beginning of a new, more casual, and intimate format, for all future, ” LIVE” shows, which will continue to “follow suit.”

Starting Thursday, July 28, from 6:05-7pm, Pacific Time, “Las Vegas Backstage Now,” will be airing LIVE, and moving to Thursdays, weekly.

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“America’s Got Talent” on NBC, the exclusive “never been told before” behind the scenes story!

June 28, 2011

“Las Vegas Backstage Talk,” with Comedian Michele LaFong, THE radio show that lets you “listen in” on the genuine “greenroom chatter” that takes place between professional performers, and stars, will be airing an exclusive, NEVER SHARED BEFORE with the public, conversation, of the real realities of being a professional performer, appearing on a reality show, and what can happen.

What started out as a casual conversation with Las Vegas’ Magician and illusionist, Murray Sawchuck, (semi-finalist, and 3 time winner of NBC’s AGT ) eventually took a turn, and became somewhat of a bombshell interview where he eventually revealed the truth behind what was his reality, “behind the scenes” on “America’s Got Talent!”

Also on the show is the very talented, and accomplished star and producer of “The Viper Vixens” at O’sheas Casino, on The Las Vegas Strip, Ottavio Guzman, who, to “Las Vegas insiders” knew him as “The Whistle Blower!”

Tune in, and hear the story of how Ottavio changed the face of entertainment in Las Vegas in the late 80’s, and helped animal rights and laws to protect them, in the process! Great stuff!

“Las Vegas Backstage Now,” currently LVBST Radio Show with Comedian Michele LaFong, can be heard on Tuesdays from 6:05-7pm Pacific Time, on 970 KNUU AM, and worldwide on the Internet. Also available by subscription for FREE on iTunes!

(This column was picked up by Robin Leach.)

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June 7, 2011: “Las Vegas Backstage Now,” features GRANDMA LEE tonight!

“Las Vegas Backstage Now,” airs every Tuesday from 6:05-7pm Pacific Time, on 970 KNUU AM in Las Vegas, and the worldwide, on The internet.  Currently Las Vegas Backstage Talk with Comedian Michele LaFong on Thursdays from 6-7pm PST on 1230am in LV and streaming live.

Join us tonight, June 7, with guests, Grandma Lee, from “America’s Got Talent,” and historian Chris Cecot, also actor/impressionist, Robert Nash, from The Mob Experience, at The Tropicana in Las Vegas, or stream it live online.

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May 31, 2011: Great News for “Las Vegas Backstage Now!”

“Las Vegas Backstage Now,” hosted by Michele LaFong and Bob Cummings, currently Las Vegas Backstage Talk Radio Show with Comedian Michele LaFong, has been airing on 970 KNUU AM, and worldwide on the Internet on Tuedays, from 6:05-7pm Pacific Time, weekly, only for only three weeks since 970 KNUU AM “picked up” our show from 1230 KLAV AM.

The response to “Las Vegas Backstage Now,” from KNUU’s audience has been so good that 970 KNUU AM will be re-airing several of our recent shows every night this week thru June 3rd from 6:05-7pm Pacific Time.

Past, and current booked guests include: Kevin Burke, who stars in “Defending The Caveman,” at Harrah’s: Michael Godard, the #1 selling artist in the world, Grandma Lee, finalist in “America’s Got Talent,” Kelly Clinton, starring in “Nunsense” at The Las Vegas Hilton, & host of Monday nights at “The Bootlegger.;” Comedian Don Barnhart; Clint Holmes, and many more.

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