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Las Vegas Backstage Talk Radio Show broadcasts every Thursday & re-airs Saturday from 6:00pm-7:00pm PST on 1230AM KLAV in Las Vegas, and The Web. You can tune in live during the broadcast. All shows are filmed and all audio is archived as Podcasts under our Listen Page, or iTunes.  Our You Tube Page is under Videos. We are constantly picking up more affiliates across the country. (Check home page for current display)

Las Vegas Backstage Talk Radio Show

Las Vegas Backstage Talk (LVBST) is a popular, syndicated and established radio interview show that has been on the air for over 4 years.

LVBST is the only place that you can listen in on those “inside conversations,” and backstage stories with the celebrities that make Vegas the Entertainment Capital of the world.  Hosted and produced by  Comedian Michele LaFong, this weekly audio/video production features interviews with National Name headliners, and A-list celebrities which have included Ray Romano, Bill Cosby, Jay Leno, Don Rickles, LeAnn Rimes, Bill Maher, Wynonna, Kathy Griffin,  Meat Loaf,  Rick Springfield, Dennis Miller, Wanda Sykes, and many more. (List of all guests are on home-page

Veteran Comedian Michele LaFong is a natural at creating an instant rapport with her guests. She gets the “inside” point of view that one would only hear if they were backstage in The Greenroom overhearing the conversation that typically takes place between artists when they get together. She has just the right touch with a unique approach that makes Las Vegas Backstage Talk different from the rest!

Thanks Michele, this is the most interesting interview I’ve ever done!”
Dana Carvey
“I had so much fun! It’s just a matter of time before LaFong gets her own National TV Show
Tony Orlando

My absolute favorite show to do. Whenever I am in town, I come in to the studio to guest on Las Vegas Backstage Talk
Jon Taffer, Star of “Bar Rescue,” Spike TV
Comedian Michele LaFong

Host of Las Vegas Backstage Talk, Michele LaFong

Comedian/Ventriloquist Michele LaFong has been headlining casinos, resorts, theaters, cruise ships, and comedy clubs around the country and Australia for over two decades, having had her own on-going show three times on The Las Vegas Strip.  LaFong won the “Best Female Comic Award at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival at The Tropicana H&C.  “I have been very blessed to have worked with and been mentored by some of “The Greats” in show business including Debbie Reynolds, Jackie Mason,  and The Legendary Senor Wences.”  Wences, the most famous International Ventriloquist in the World,  “passed the torch” to LaFong, with the exclusive rights to perform his famous characters, Johnny, the lipstick hand-puppet, and Pedro, the head in the box, as documented in March ’98 in LifeMagazine.  The original Johnny and Pedro often make cameo appearances in LaFong’s stage show.

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Las Vegas Backstage Talk’s national syndicated column

For over a year, Las Vegas Backstage Talk has had a monthly syndicated column that is published in both Casino Player Magazine, and Gaming Today that covers highlights of celebrity guest interviews, behind the scenes going-ons, recommended up-coming events, future guests, etc. Every month an edited portion of a video interview is featured in LVBST’s column, and is posted on, and, as well as on Las Vegas Backstage Talk’s You Tube Page and gets cross-promoted.

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More about Casino Player Magazine:  “America’s Gaming Lifestyle Magazine,” a National Monthly publication for over 25 years, with over 2 million online subscribers, and over 88,000 paid subscribers, (not including the casinos that the magazines are in nationally)






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