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Kathy Griffin-Gaming Today Column by Michele LaFong

Gaming Today K.G.Getting Personal with The Stars” column in Gaming Today by Michele LaFong

Kathy is also featured in Michele LaFong’s “Las Vegas Backstage Talk” monthly Syndicated Column, in Casino Player Magazine- Sept. edition, as well as Comedian Margaret Cho, Tony Orlando, Comedian Pablo Francisco, Heather Marianna, Little Anthony & The Imperials, Mickey Thomas, lead singer from Starship, “Raiding the Rock Vault,” at The LVH, and more…

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Kathy Griffin at The Mirage Aug.1, & Sept. 7

Special’ K from reality series, ‘My Life on the D List’ posted on July 30, 2013 by Michele LaFong

Kathy Griffin, who first made a name for herself on Bravo’s two-time Emmy Award- winning reality series, “My Life on the D List,” and recently had her own talk show, “Kathy,” on Bravo, has broken the record for having the most comedy specials, male or female, with her latest called “Calm Down Gurrl.”

“I just love Las Vegas,” Griffin proudly admitted. “I love everything about it…slots and all! If you come see me at The Mirage, you will hear different material than you’ve heard before. If you come see me a month later, you’re going to see different material than I did last time! I just can’t keep up with all the crazy celebrities. Amanda Bynes with the blue wig…Lindsay Lohan doing a show with Oprah…I mean, we have a lot to talk about.”

This prompted the question, “How do you remember everything?”

“It’s a very free-flowing form,” she said without skipping a beat.

“It’s been so improvisational for so long, I couldn’t do it any other way. Most comedians write an act and memorize it, and it’s all perfect. My show is very imperfect. I’m in the middle of one story, and I get distracted, and then I start another story, but go back to the first story, and somehow I try to tie it up in a filthy, dirty, offensive row.

“And these stories are real things that have happened to me,” she continued. “I actually saw Kris Jenner on the night of the birth of little baby North West.

“And so I really try to focus my act on things that I personally have witnessed or that have happened to me. So you get something a little bit different than a joke about something…like my very own run-in with Amanda Bynes.”

But how do you have such reckless abandon of the consequences when talking so publicly about everyone?

“I just don’t care! I have a 93-year-old alcoholic mother. She loves her box of wine, and you get a little Franzia in Maggie, and she’ll just say anything,” Griffin said. “So I blame her. It’s all her fault!”

Kathy admits that when suffering humiliation of any kind, it feels like the end of the world at the moment.

“Like yesterday was the first time in seven years where my stand-up special wasn’t nominated for an Emmy and I cried like a baby,” she said. “I mean, you would have thought that I was in the middle of a genuine tragedy, as opposed to a ‘Hollywood Tragedy.’

“And then I just started thinking about how to make it funny. You lick your wounds, and then boom! Your mind starts to think about how do I put this in the act; how do I make it funny, relatable, and enjoy a good tragedy?”

So how does one deal with the Gate-Keepers who won’t let you in?

“I have a ‘kill list!’ It’s very long, and has the names of the people I want to push off my balcony,” Griffin said.

Kathy’s favorite comedians are Joan Rivers, Don Rickles, Bill Maher, and Howard Stern.

“All the people who are fearless,” she said. “I love that experience, especially in Vegas where anything goes…and I can go see comedians that just don’t give a (bleep) and will say anything and genuinely feel that way.”

What of the rumors about Kathy and Anderson Cooper doing a show together on CNN?

“I love doing New Year’s Eve with him on CNN…It’s how the straight guys know me,” she said. “Straight guys only know me from being on Seinfeld twice, and New Year’s Eve with Anderson Cooper.

“But I wish CNN would just one time film the commercial break. They are just filled with Anderson sometimes begging me not to say certain things.

“He actually has a Mental Ninja mind-game he does on himself where he just goes to a ‘safe-place,’ and then knows it will be over in a couple of hours and then he’ll have to clean up my mess,” Griffin added.

“It’s a whole system and he’s confided that he gets more nervous with me on New Years than he does when he’s in a war zone…So what do you think that says about me?”

Griffin is appearing at The Mirage on Aug. 2 and Sept. 7 at 10 p.m. Her full interview can be heard Thursday on “Las Vegas Backstage Talk,” with Comedian Michele LaFong on 1230AM in Las Vegas, and The Web.

Visit Michele’s webiste at LasVegasBackStageTalk.comContact Michele at


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Kathy Griffin, Little Anthony-LVBST/w Comedian Michele LaFong

August 1, 2013 6pm-7pm PST 1230AM in LV&Web

Audio of interviews posted below (Scroll down)

Kathy Griffin, LaFong Margaret Cho








Kathy Griffin guests on Las Vegas Backstage Talk with Comedian Michele LaFong on 1230AM KLAV in Las Vegas, and The Web.

Kathy first made a name for herself on Bravo’s two-time Emmy Award Winning Reality Series, “My Life on the D List,” and recently had her own talk show “Kathy” on Bravo, has broken the record for having the “Most Comedy Specials, Male or Female,” with her latest Special called “Calm down Gurrl,”. She is appearing at The Mirage August 2, & September 7, at 10pm and her pre-recorded interview will air in full on August 1, on Las Vegas Backstage Talk radio show at 6pm PST.

Little Anthony & The Imperials









Little Anthony guests on Las Vegas Backstage Talk with Comedian Michele LaFong on 1230AM in Las Vegas and The Web.

Little Anthony and the Imperials were one of the finest vocal groups to emerge from the talent-rich New York scene. Moreover, they enjoyed unusual longevity for an act of that type, having hits in both the doo-wop Fifties and the soul-music Sixties. They outlasted their peers by virtue of “Little Anthony” Gourdine’s powerful, beseeching vocals and the consummate professionalism of the Imperials, who mastered a broad range of material and knew how to work a stage.

“Tears on My Pillow,” their first single as the Imperials, was released on End Records. This classic vocal-group ballad was one of the biggest hits of 1958, reaching #2 on the R&B chart and #4 on the pop chart. Little Anthony and the Imperials were suddenly stars. The story might have ended there, with “Tears On My Pillow” fondly recalled as a vocal-group classic from one of the many one-hit wonders from that era. In fact, some of their followup singles did flop, strong as they were. But the group rebounded with an uptempo number, “Shimmy, Shimmy, Ko-Ko Bop,” that capitalized on a dance craze.

Other hits include “Hurt So Bad,” and “Going Out of my Head.”

They received the Pioneer Award from the Rhythm and Blues Foundation and have been inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame. In 2008, Little Anthony and the Imperials released You’ll Never Know, an album of new songs and rerecorded oldies to celebrate their 50th anniversary as a group.

Little Anthony & The Imperials will be appearing at The Eastside Cannery on Aug. 3.

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The Wayans Brothers, Pablo Francisco-LVBST w/Comedian Michele LaFong

July 25, 2013 6pm-7pm PST 1230AM in LV&Web









The Wayans Brothers return on Las Vegas Backstage Talk radio show with Comedian Michele LaFong on 1230AM in Las Vegas, and The Web.

This time around I got to interview Shawn and Marlon separately, and it was very telling how different their answers to the same questions were.  Actually quite comical!

The Wayans family is filled with talented members, so there is no surprise that the two youngest brothers, Shawn and Marlon Wayans, have followed in their family’s footsteps as Hollywood icons. So far in their relatively short careers, these two comedic prodigies have topped box offices and toured successfully around the country.

Both Shawn and Marlon made their acting debut in 1989 in their brother Keenen Ivory Wayans’ feature film “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka.” Immediately following their feature film debut, they joined the cast of the Emmy Award-winning comedy series “In Living Color.”

“The Wayans Bros.” sitcom, which Shawn and Marlon created and starred in, was the first WB show to be sold into syndication after heading up the WB network lineup for five years. Shawn and Marlon’s past film credits include the hit comedy “Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in The Hood,” which they co-wrote, produced and starred in together.

More recently Shawn and Marlon starred in the box office hits “Little Man” and “White Chicks,” both of which they also co-wrote and produced. The brothers began co-writing this string of blockbusters with the smash “Scary Movie, where they also starred along side each other, and was directed by their brother Keenen Ivory Wayans. Co-written, produced and starring Shawn and Marlon Wayans, “Scary Movie 2” was the only sequel in the “Scary Movie” franchise with direct Wayans involvement. Shawn and Marlon were next seen on the big screen in “Dance Flick,” the comedy co-written with brother Keenen Ivory, which premiered in May 2009.

Shawn and Marlon, along with their brothers and sisters, created “Thugaboo” and the subsequent “Boo Crew” animated specials for Nickelodeon, which began premiering in August 2006. In addition to creating, the Wayans are also writing, directing and voicing the series which takes a humorous look at the trials and tribulations of nine inner city kids. was released in fall 2009 and plans are underway to turn The Boo Crew into a daily comic strip. Marlon also starred in the 2009 blockbuster “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

In January 2013, Marlon wrote, produced and starred in the comedy hit, “A Haunted House,” an outrageous send up of the “Paranormal Activity” movie which also stars Cedric The Entertainer and Essence Atkins. Additionally, Marlon executive produced a comedy series, “Second Generation Wayans” starring his nephews, Damon Jr. and Craig which debut on BET Networks in January 2013.

When not on the road performing standup, Shawn and Marlon can be found hard at work in the “lab” where the Wayans siblings are busy concocting their next project.

Doors at the Pearl will open at 7 p.m. and show time is 8 p.m. The Pearl Box Office is open daily from noon until 7 p.m. with extended hours on select event days. The Pearl is now on Twitter. Follow @PearlatPalms for concert announcements and event information.









Pablo Francisco

Comedian Pablo Francisco guests on Las Vegas Backstage Talk radio show with Comedian Michele LaFong on 1230AM KLAV in Las Vegas and The Web.

Pablo continues to bring his audiences to their feet with boisterous laughter and applause.  He weaves together his arsenal of characters, spontaneous outbursts, and clever insights to create a stand-up show that more resembles an hour-long comedic jazz
riff.  He is an off-the-wall, animated character that points out the absurdity in an illogical, pop-culture obsessed world.
His unmatched take on all things pop culture has taken him into the ranks of the most popular touring comedians worldwide.  Pablo’s enormous popularity continues to sour driving his Myspace Comedy page into the top three most visited on the site.  His outrageously funny material has hooked millions of viewers on his YouTube channel

South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on May 25 – 27th

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Kathy Griffin-LV Backstage Talk w/Comedian Michele LaFong

KG hi res shot by Mike Ruiz 2





















Kathy Griffin

I interviewed Kathy Griffin today of Bravo’s talk show “Kathy,”  and “My Life on the D List.”  LOVE her!!!

Breaking the record for the comic with the most comedy specials EVER…

Kathy is appearing at The Mirage with a brand new show on Aug.2, & Sept.7, at 10pm for more info:

Portions of the interview will be aired on Las Vegas Backstage Talk radio show with Comedian Michele LaFong on 1230AM KLAV in Las Vegas, and The Web on Thursday, July 25, and Aug. 1,  from 6-7pm PST.  Stream live.

Aside from featuring Kathy in “Getting Personal with the Stars,” my Monthly Syndicated Column in Gaming Today, I will also feature her in my Syndicated Column in Casino Player Magazine, in Las Vegas Backstage Talk, Sept. edition, because she is so much fun to talk to!

Also coming Thursday, 25 is The Wayans Brothers, with an upcoming appearance at The Pearl Theatre, at The Palms H & C, and “You Tube Sensation,” Pablo Francisco, one of the most popular comics from Comedy Central, appearing at The South Point H & C.

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Bobby Vinton, Deana Martin-LVBST w/Comedian Michele LaFong

July 18, 2013 6pm-7pm PST 1230AM in LV & Web

bobby vinton[1]bobby vinton 2bobby
Bobby Vinton guests on Las Vegas Backstage Talk radio show with Comedian Michele LaFong, on 1230AM KLAV in Las Vegas and The Web.

The last time I saw Bobby Vinton, was many years ago when I was opening for him in Mystic Lake Casino, in Minnesota.  I remember being “blown away” with his super high energy performance.  He was dancing on tables, and just gave 1000%!

I wrote about it in my Syndicated, Las Vegas Backstage Talk column in July’s edition of Casino Player Magazine. (See previous post.)

Bobby Vinton. A multi-talented musician, singer and actor, Bobby Vinton has sold more than 75 million albums during his career. In this full-stage musical gala, the “Total Entertainer” pulls out all the stops. Vinton is joined by an orchestra, and family members to sing all his most beloved hits and many more favorites. It’s a dazzling concert event that showcases one of music’s most beloved artists.

Bobby Vinton. Treat yourself to a magical night with Bobby Vinton. “Blue Velvet,” “Roses are Red” and “Mr. Lonely” are just a few of the songs that has Billboard Magazine calling Bobby, the all-time most successful love singer of the “rock era.”

The “Total Entertainer” pulls out all the stops in this full-stage musical gala. It’s a dazzling concert event that showcases one of music’s most beloved artists.

Bobby Vinton is appearing at The Eastside Cannery July 20.  For more about Bobby:

 Singer/Entertainer/Deana Martin







Deana Martin returns in-studio on Las Vegas Backstage Talk Radio Show with Comedian Michele LaFong on 1230AM KLAV in Las Vegas, and The Web.  She was also my featured artist in “Getting Personal with The Stars,” my Syndicated Column in Gaming Today.

Deana is an influential American singer, actor and performer and the very proud daughter of iconic entertainer, Dean Martin. Deana achieved success early in her career in films, theater and television, then quickly added to her repertoire — recording artist, best-selling author, nationally syndicated radio host, licensed pilot, and entrepreneur.  As an internationally acclaimed entertainer, hit recording artist and an in-demand performer, playing to sold-out audiences worldwide, Deana has become an instantly recognizable voice and figure in the pantheon of The Great American Songbook. Also,  celebrated author, Martin found herself on the New York Times coveted Best Seller list with her 2004 memoir, “Memories Are Made Of This: Dean Martin Through His Daughters Eyes.”

Seeing Deana Martin in a live performance, you get the sense that there is nothing she cannot do.  At the South Point, Deana will perform one of her most requested shows, “Deana Sings Dino,” where she sings such hits made famous by her illustrious father as, “Memories Are Made of This,” “That’s Amore,” and “Everybody Loves Somebody,” and many more. Like her Dad, Deana makes it all look so easy, and audiences can’t get enough.

More about the very talented singer / entertainer, Deana Martin here.

You can catch Deana Martin in “Deana Sings Dino” at South Point. The Showroom at South Point, July 20nd & 21 – 7:30pm.



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