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Syndicated Column in Gaming Today/ Gary Puckett by Michele LaFong

Interview on LVBST May 30, 2013 6pm-7pm PST 1230AM in LV & Web

gary pucketgary pucket pt

Gary Puckett and Union Gap at The South Point Showroom May 31-June 2, at 7:30pm

Gary Puckett was a guest on Las Vegas Backstage Talk with Comedian Michele LaFong.  The show will air on Thursday, May 30 from 6-7pm PST on The 1230AM KLAV, and The Web.

For more on the interview, check out Michele LaFong’s Column, “Getting Personal with The Stars, ” (above) in Gaming Today Magazine.

Will also be featured in Michele LaFong’s Syndicated Column, “Las Vegas Backstage Talk,” in Casino Player Magazine.



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Gaming Today/Gary Puckett by Michele LaFong

May 30, 2013 6pm-7pm PST 1230AM in LV & Web

Image of Gary Puckett


Gary Puckett and The Union Gap at South Point Showroom May 31-June 2 at 7:30pm

I interviewed Gary Puckett was on my radio show.  He was plugging his dates at The South Point Showroom May 31-June 2.

“After this engagement at The South Point, I’m going on tour doing fifty-two shows, from June 8-Sept.1 all over the US.

We did it last year.  “Back in day…we didn’t spend a lot of time working in Las Vegas, but I remember working The International Hotel which became The Hilton, and now it’s the Las Vegas Hotel…and I remember working with Elvis there. He was in the “big room,” which sat two to three thousand people, and I was in their smaller theatre.  I remember working at the same time, and we alternated shows with Ike and Tina Turner, and Redd Foxx, who of course was Las Vegas’ bluest Comedian.

We are traveling a lot, especially this summer.  Last year, we were on a tour called “Happy Together.”  It included The Buckinghams, The Grassroots, Myself, Mickey Dolenz, and The Turtles.  It was a very, popular show, it was their third year in a row, and they decided to do it again this year, so they asked me to come back…so it will be me, and The Turtles, along with Gary Lewis and The Playboys, Mark Lindsey from Paul Revere and The Raiders, and Chuck Negron, from Three Dog Night.  It’s two and a half hours or more of solid hit recordings.  We use one band to back everybody up, the show is very well rehearsed and played, it just moves along, and lots of fun to do.  So we’ll do fifty-two shows this year, from June 8- Sept. 1, all over the US.

We get along great.  I know all those guys…we’ve traveled and worked together before, I had worked with The Grassroots for years and years, and certainly, I’ve worked with Mark, and Howard from The Turtles for many years, and I had worked with The Monkees on occasion, in fact in 1986, I was chosen to  be on The Monkees 20 Year Reunion Tour, which included all of The Monkees except for Mike Nesmith, and he came out on a few of the dates that we did, like The Greek Theatre, and I think The Las Vegas Hilton.

I’ve always been a fan of The Monkees’ music.  I just love their recordings.

“I was on The Ed Sullivan Show three times.”  When I asked if he remembered who he was on the show with, the only act that came to his instant memory was Topo Gigio!   “My Guest appearances on Hollywood Squares were more recent…within the last fifteen years.  I was on with Whoopi Goldberg, and others…and that was a lot of fun to do.”  Gary was answering my questions in very nice, but generic way.  I had to remind him that he was being interviewed on Las Vegas “Backstage Talk,” therefore we expect the real “behind the scenes” goings-on… for example: Did Hollywood Squares prep the celebrities? Were the celebs given the questions ahead of time?  You know…that sort of thing!”  Puckett finally “sang like a bird!”  “Well…you get the questions, and they give you some suggestions… but they want you to make up your own answers.” Did they tell you guys what to say?   “ the show prepped us some.  There was a little coaching, but not a lot.  They just didn’t want any of us to be dumb-founded on any of the questions.”

“You mean you weren’t wearing little head-sets in your ears, whispering the answer to you?”  “Haha… No, it wasn’t the $64,000 Question, nothing like that!”

Playing The Catskills was a big part of our early days.  The Concord Hotel was where we rehearsed The Monkee Tour in 1986.  One thing I really remember that sticks out from working those hotels especially the very first time, the audience didn’t applaud with their hands, they used their knockers.  They were like little wooden lolly-pops that they would bang on the tables…it was a riot…

Because this is the show where we get “Personal with the Stars,” I have to ask… You sound way normal now, but was there a time in your life when you were wild and “running amuck?”  “Haha…you’re asking me if I ever was a drug addict I think…and the answer is no… I did my share of partying, but I never did the hard drugs…I admit to smoking some local weed…

Gary Puckett admits to having his fair share of issues regarding creative control in his career.

Jerry Fuller was our Producer, and I called him “The Iron Fisted,” my way or the highway, producer.  I respect him all these years later certainly because he brought us a lot of success, but he and I had differences about what we would record, especially at some point after the initial successes of “Woman Woman,” “Young Girl,” “Lady Will Power,” and “Over You.”   One song that had really become an issue between us was “Don’t Give into Him,” and strangely enough…that song has become one of my favorites over the years because it’s got some kind of odd, chord changes in it, and I just think it’s a cool song.  The issue is that we disagreed…and when we disagreed, the balance of power was always in his corner because he was given control by the record company. I was always trying to get control and I couldn’t!

“In retrospect, I wish I had been a little easier to work with because I know had I not pushed for that so hard,  I would have done better…in the long run…However, getting to where I have gotten in my life, and having a wonderful family, and a beautiful place to live in the Florida area, and having all the fans that I have out there…the old shoulda, woulda, coulda…goes by the wayside, and I know that there’s some good stuff left in me, and we’re talking about doing some recording projects and things that will become my “later in life” accomplishments…I’m speaking to someone right now about doing some recording that I really think would be a lot of fun, and “I’ve really taken the time to become a better and better guitar player and to have more knowledge of it, so I hope to do that with songs that are not necessarily written by me, but songs that might even be classics, going back to my parents era…and it even sounds a little redundant, because so many artist have done it…but I’ve found some great songs that they haven’t done.

Will also be featured in Michele LaFong’s Syndicated “Las Vegas Backstage Talk “Column in Casino Player Magazine.

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Ralphie May, Michael Wheels Parise-LVBST w/Comedian Michele LaFong

May 23, 2013 6pm-7pm PST 1230AM in LV & Web






Ralphie May returns and guests on Las Vegas Backstage Talk Radio Show with Comedian Michele LaFong on 1230 am KLAV in Las Vegas, and The Web.

In a very candid backstage interview at The South Point Hotel & Casino, Ralphie May addresses some of the obstacles and behind the scenes’ “going-ons” that are realities in”the business” of show business.  He also speaks about his very first gig.  Opening for Sam Kinison.

Veteran comedian Ralphie May’s popularity exploded after the success of the first season of NBC’s hit reality series, “Last Comic Standing”. Long-time fans of Ralphie’s stand-up were joined by countless new fans when America thought he was robbed of the winner’s title. Despite the show’s outcome, Ralphie’s special brand of comedy combines the familiar elements of hip-hop and topical comedy with a dash of southern down-home flavor and quick wit making Ralphie May one of the most popular comedians in the country. His first DVD, appropriately titled “Just Correct,” went PLATINUM!

His special brand of humor and incredible timing has allowed him to cross social, cultural, and ethnic barriers and has earned him roles in such films as FOR DA LOVE OF MONEY and GAS, to name a few of several independent productions. Ralphie has worked as an actor, writer and producer on ESPN’s Mohr Sports starring Jay Mohr and had four appearances on CBS’s The Late Late Show w/ Craig Kilborn as well as eleven appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He has been seen on Tough Crowd, The Man Show and MTV’s Bash as well as in guest-starring roles on numerous television shows including NBC’s Whoopie. In an appearance on The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno he received a standing ovation, the first comedian in 10 years to receive this honor. The New York Times raves, “Ralphie is phenomenal…”The Washington Post describes his comedy style as a “Tour de Force.” At the age of seventeen, Ralphie entered a talent show, to which the winner would get to open for Sam Kinison. A dream came true… Ralphie won the contest and after the show, Sam turned to Ralphie and said, “That was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Will soon be featured in Michele LaFong’s Syndicated “Las Vegas Backstage Talk” Column in Casino Player Magazine.

More about Ralphie May here–>

You can catch Ralphie May headlining at South Point. The Showroom at South Point, Fri. – Sun., May 24th – 26th 7:30pm




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Michael “Wheels” Parise









Michael Wheels Parise returns in studio on Las Vegas Backstage Talk Radio Show with Comedian Michele LaFong on 1230AM KLAV in Las Vegas and The Web to talk about his new weekly Podcast with Andrew Dice Clay,

This 23-year veteran comedian has been the national touring act for Andrew Dice Clay for over 23 years. Wheels has costarred with movies with Rodney Dangerfield, Keenan Ivory Wayans and Jada Pinckett Smith. With over 70 TV appearances including Conan O Brien, Letterman as well as co-starring with Dice Clay in the 2008 Reality Show on VH-1 called “Dice Undisputed”. When Wheels is not Headlining Las Vegas you can see him in all the major cities throughout out the country.

More on Michael Wheels Parise below: Wheels and Dice on VH-1 Reality Show called Dice Undisputed Dear Chef Reality Sizzle.


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Comedian Gallagher-LV Backstage Talk Radio Show with Michele LaFong

May 16, 2013 6pm-7pm 1230AM PST in LV & Web


 Gallagher spends the hour in-studio with Comedian Michele LaFong on Las Vegas Backstage Talk Radio Show, from 6pm-7pm PST on 1230 AM KLAV in Las Vegas, and The Web.

After 35 years of non-stop touring, America’s favorite touring comedian is hanging up his Sledge-O-Matic…but not after one last tour. Gallagher’s Last Smash will be his way of saying ‘Thank You’ to his massive audience who has stood by and supported him throughout his career. From the early days of the Comedy Store and the Tonight Show, through all 14 Showtime specials, and his 3,000+ shows – you’ve been with him.See the tour schedule for a show near you. Dates are being added daily.

Gallagher spends the hour in-studio with Comedian Michele LaFong on Las Vegas Backstage Talk Radio Show, from 6pm-7pm PST on 1230 AM KLAV in Las Vegas, and The Web.

He will be featured in Michele LaFong’s Syndicated Column “Las Vegas Backstage Talk” in Casino Player Magazine, as well as Michele LaFong’s backstage videotaped interviews with Gallagher posted on, alongside with Impressionist and Poker Champ Kevin Pollak, Tony Orlando, and Melissa Manchester on Bill Cosby.  Official site You can listen to a recording of our show below!


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Anthony Lewis, son of Jerry Lewis

May 9, 2013 6pm-7pm PST 1230AM in LV & Web









Anthony Lewis, son of Jerry Lewis is interviewed in-studio, on Las Vegas Backstage Talk Radio Show with Comedian Michele LaFong on 1230AM KLAV in Las Vegas, and The Web.

Not unlike his father, Anthony is multi-talented, very knowledgeable, and extremely accomplished.

Lewis was trained in all aspects of video, film and photography, and learned from Jerry himself.


24 years combined experience in all facets of creative and administrative production, post-production, direction, writing, marketing, and distribution.  Credits are listed in AVP media syllabus, and include numerous titles in national & international distribution, and contributions to various broadcasters, cable casters, and advertising agencies.

Anthony J. Lewis  President and CEO, Airborne Visual Productions

For more about Anthony Lewis,

Jerry Lewis Live, at The South Point Showroom, May 10-12 at 7:30pm at The South Point Hotel and Casino.


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