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World Famous Popovich Comedy Pet Theater, Norm Johnson-Las Vegas Backstage Talk w/Comedian Michele LaFong

Dec. 29, 2011  6pm-7pm PST 1230AM in LV & The Web

Gregory Popovich guests on LVBST Radio Show with Comedian Michele LaFong.  “Getting Personal with the Stars” is what LaFong does with this circus crew.

Comedy Pet Theater features an amazing cast of housecats, dogs, parrots. even geese and mice! Critics describe it as a unique blend of comedy, world-champion juggling, and the extraordinary talents of more than 30 performing pets. Gregory Popovich has rescued the animals from shelters all over the country and transformed them into Las Vegas stars! Popovich was a Finalist on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent, and is a fifth-generation circus performer who learned early on how to develop strong bonds with animals. He released his first book “You CAN Train Your Cat” in late 2009 and has been featured on The Tonight Show, David Letterman and in USA Today, just to name a few. Comedy Pet Theater performs 4pm daily at The V-Theater. See below for schedule or for more information go to or call (702) 260-7200

Gregory will be featured in Michele LaFong’s Monthly Syndicated Column, “Las Vegas Backstage Talk” in Casino August 2013 edition of Casino Player Magazine.

For more info about Popovitch, CLICK HERE!

You can catch “Popovich Comedy Pet Theater”live at Planet Hollywood At V Theater
Showtimes: December 17-29 – 4:00pm – no dark dates
December 31, 2011-Calendar Year 2012 – 4:00pm – Dark Wednesdays

For reservations

Las Vegas’ Favorite Publicist – Norm Johnson

Norm Johnson will be highlighting what’s happening for New Year’s and the new year to come.

In 1965, he moved to Las Vegas and worked at the Las Vegas Sun as a sports writer before becoming a featured Las Vegas entertainment columnist. Most recently he was honored with the coveted “Meatball Award” for his journalistic career in Las Vegas, presented by the men and ladies who made Las Vegas famous.entertainers.

For more info about Norm, click here!

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Debbie Reynolds, Steve Mittleman-Las Vegas Backstage Talk w/Comedian Michele LaFong

Dec. 22. 2011  6pm-7pm PST 1230AM in LV & The Web

Debbie Reynolds guests on LVBST radio show with Comedian Michele LaFong.  LV Backstage Talk is the only show that “Gets Personal with the Stars.”

For over six decades, our lives have been enriched by the talents of a singer, dancer and actress we know as Debbie Reynolds. With a rich life in talent and skills, she is a must see at The South Point Showroom.

Debbie Reynolds gave LaFong her first running-show in LV- “Vegas Live” starring Comedian Michele LaFong at The Debbie Reynolds Hotel & Casino on The LV Strip.

Debbie will soon be featured in Comedian Michele LaFong’s Monthly Syndicated “Las Vegas Backstage Talk” column in Casino Player Magazine, as well as LaFong’s Syndicated “Getting Personal with the Stars” column in Gaming Today.

Too much to list about the life and history of Debbie Reynolds here. For more about Debbie, click HERE.
Comedian, Actor, Speaker – Steve Mittleman

Steve started touring in 1980 and has kept audiences laughing ever since.

One of the rare comics that has appeared on The Tonight Show with both Johnny Carson & Jay Leno… Letterman.. Showtime Laugh-Off Special, HBO, Extreme Makeover and on almost every show out there. Also in film he co-starred in Roxanne, featured in Radio Days, Beer, Rich Boys, and Out-of-towners.

For more info about Steve, CLICK HERE!

You can catch Steve live at Harrah’s Las Vegas
The Improv Comedy Club, Dec. 20th – 25th
Showtime: 8:30PM, 10:30PM

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Clint Holmes, Mike Saccone-Las Vegas Backstage Talk w/Comedian Michele LaFong

Dec. 15, 2011 6pm-7pm PST 1230AM in LV & The Web

Clint Holmes guests on LVBST Radio Show with Comedian Michele LaFong on 1230AM in Las Vegas and The Web.

Las Vegas’ favorite entertainer is our guest on this weeks show. Clint Homes is more than a singer, like a painter with a blank canvas; he makes every performance an original. You will enjoy every minute of our conversations with Clint from his stories about his live performances, his Broadway show, his new projects and so much more.

Clint will soon be featured in Comedian Michele LaFong’s monthly syndicated “Las Vegas Backstage talk” column in Casino Player Magazine, as well as “Getting Personal with the Stars” syndicated monthly column.

For more about Clint Holmes, click HERE.

You can catch Clint Holmes live at The Suncoast
Suncoast Showroom, Nov. 17 -18, 7:30pm

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Comedian – Mike Saccone

The Italian kid from Kansas City has come a long way from performing at cowboy bars. In 1984, he moved to Philadelphia and instantly became a regular at the city’s top comedy clubs. Ready for the big time, Mike moved to New York City where his laid back, mid-western style separated him from his comic peers. Many television offers were soon to follow. With some television exposure under his belt he hit the road again, this time his destination was Hollywood where he entered the “Star Search” competition. His cool confidence and accessible material made him both a crowd and a judges’ favorite. Mike Saccone was crowned “Star Search” Comedy Grand Champion and walked away with the $100,000 first prize. Since then he has co-starred on several network shows. Mike now makes Los Angeles his full-time home where he continues to pursue his acting and stand up comedy careers.

You can catch Mike live at Riviera
Riviera Comedy Club, Dec. 15 -18, 9:00pm

For reservations

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Dec. 8, 2011: Mitchell Walters, Steve Howard

Comedian – Mitchell Walters

Known as “the Area Code Guy” for his talents in memorizing area codes, Mitchell has headlined for every major comedy club across America and Canada, and opened for Michael Bolton and Neil Sedaka. For three years, he
toured America with the late, great Sam Kinison as one of the “Outlaws of Comedy”, playing venues ranging from 3,500 seat arenas to 17,000 at Madison Square Garden.

See more about Mitchell, HERE.

See Mitchell LIVE at Riviera Dec. 5th – 11th 9:00pm

Comedy Club Showroom Reserve HERE.


“TV Warm-Up Guy” – Steve Howard

Steve Howard is one of LA’s most experienced and sought-after TV studio audience warm-up artists. His style and personality sets him apart, making him desirable to producers who want their audiences pumped up!

Howard’s very long resume includes warming-up the audiences for well- established television shows like America’s Got Talent, and so many more!

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Dennis Blair, Robin Jay-Las Vegas Backstage Talk w/Comedian Michele LaFong

Dec. 1, 2011  6pm-7pm PST 1230AM in LV & The Web

Comedian Dennis Blair, George Carlin’s opening act for over twenty years, guests on LVBST Radio Show with Comedian Michele LaFong.

Dennis Blair is a true Renaissance man. He is an accomplished screenwriter, award-winning songwriter and comedic actor. Dennis is best known for the caustic observations and musical satires of his live comedy performances.

Dennis will soon be featured in Michele LaFong’s Syndicated “Las Vegas Backstage Talk” monthly column in Casino Player Magazine, as well as LaFong’s “Getting Personal with the Stars” Syndicated Monthly Column in Gaming Today.

See more about Dennis here.

See Dennis LIVE at Harrah’s Nov. 29th – Dec. 4th At The Improv at Harrah’s LV.

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Author, Speaker – Robin Jay

Award winning author and Las Vegan, Robin Jay, produced and stars in the movie “The Keeper of the Keys”.A new, relatable movie designed to take the “hell” out of self-help. Set to premiere in Las Vegas on Dec. 8 at the Plaza.

Robin has a compelling personal story – she moved to Vegas from a small town in Ohio and started in advertising before writing the best-selling book, “The Art of the Business Lunch.” Her newest adventure has taken her into the film industry with the “The Keeper of the Keys.”

See more about Robin, here.

View a preview of “the Keeper of the Keys” here.

See the premier of Robin Jay’s Self help-movie “the Keeper of the Keys”, Dec. 8th at The Plaza Hotel and Casino.

Reserve tickets here.

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