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Apr. 19, 2011: Happy Birthday Senor Wences! The legacy of this “pop icon” lives on…s’alright? S’ALRIGHT!

by Michele LaFong

To date, one of the biggest thrills of my life, was in March of ’98, when the now, late Senor Wences, the most famous international ventriloquist in the world, “passed the torch” to me, as documented in LIFE magazine.

My good friend, and 100 year old mentor, handed-off his original puppets, and rights to his famous characters, giving them new life, and enabling them to be introduced to a new generation.

And so “the legacy” of Senor Wences, Johnny, and Pedro, continues.

These days, Pedro, the head in the box, is starring in a new public announcement commercial against texting and driving. The new slogan is: Don’t end up like Pedro, and be “a head in a box!” And Johnny, the lipstick hand-puppet landed an on-going role with me, on The Jada Grace Show, a new pilot series, which will air next year.

Every April 20, Senor Wences’ birthday, the original “Johnny,” “Pedro,” and myself, have a champagne toast to celebrate the late, and great, Senor Wences. April 20, 2011, is particularly special, since this would have been Senor Wences’ 115th Birthday!

This year, not only will we all be toast-ing, but Johnny, Pedro, and myself, plan on getting toast-ed, in honor of The Great Senor!

Also, for this very special occasion, we will be observing a 5 minute “moment of silence,” without any of us moving our lips, after we simultaneously sing “Lady Of Spain,” while drinking a glass of water!

Come, join the party!

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