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Jan. 25, 2011: Scott Record

Singing Comedy Impressionist Scott Record will join us on the air!

Scott is one of the most requested headliners on several of the world’s most elite cruise lines. Corporate appearances make up yet another large percentage of Scott’s current schedule. Many Fortune 500 companies such as KMPG, Lucent, Warner Lambert, IBM, ATT, Chrysler, Ford, Isuzu, Phillip Morris, GE, Sunoco, American Airlines, Sun Microsystems, Pfizer, Kraft Nabisco and Motorola have enjoyed Scott’s performances and continually book him for return engagements.

Scott has a great web site, check it out especially his great videos:

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Jan. 18, 2011: Jack Swersie

Jack Swersie

Jack Swersie shares his recollections of having worked with talent as diversified as Perry Como, “Weird Al” Yankovic, the Smothers Brothers, Tim McGraw, Ray Charles, Milton Berle, B.B. King, the Beach Boys, the Four Tops, and Joan Rivers among many, many others.

Visit his website here

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Jan. 11, 2011: Todd Aaron Jensen, Lou Ragland

Todd Aaron Jensen

Todd has lot’s of stories! Todd Aaron Jensen On Gratitude, Sheryl Crow, Jeff Bridges, Alicia Keys, Daryl Hall,Ray Bradbury,Anna Keedrick, BB King, Elaine Leornold, Deepak Chopra, and 42 more Celebrities share what they’re most thankful for.

Todd Is an award-winning journalist with featured bylines in more than 100 publications around the world, including GQ, Esquire, American Way, Spirit, Mean, Icon, Moving Pictures , and Costco Connection . His work is syndicated in more than 60 countries.



Lou Ragland

We’ll be talking with Lou Ragland Backstage Live! Lou Ragland’s World Famous INK SPOTS … Now At the Clarion!
Turn back the “hands of time” every Saturday afternoon in the Wolf Theater inside the Fabulous Clarion Hotel and Casino on Convention Center Drive just two blocks from The Wynn. The original 1930’s quartet defined the musical genre that created rhythm & blues, doo-wap and rock & roll. Although the faces and names have changed, the music and memories live on with THE WORLD FAMOUS INK SPOTS© performing such legendary hits as “If I Didn’t Care,” “I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire”, and “Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall,” plus the hits of contemporary vocal groups.

Listen and see Lou Ragland’s World Famous INK SPOTS on their web site at

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Jan. 6, 2011: Bob Cummings will be the new co-host with Michele LaFong on “Las Vegas Backstage Now!”

Starting Tuesday 1/11/11, veteran radio jock, Bob Cummings, formerly known as “The Boogie Man,” and “Bobby McGee” will be co-starring with me in “Las Vegas Backstage Now!” on KLAV 1230 AM that airs on the Internet at 8PM Pacific Time .

Bob Cummings has many years of radio experience as an announcer, personality, program director, etc.

Richard Spasoff, my former radio partner and co-star of Las Vegas Backstage Now is busy producing, and starring in new shows of his own. We’re proud of Richard, and wish him all the best!

Please join us this coming Tuesday, 1/11/11, on Las Vegas Backstage Now. Our guests will be Todd Aaron Jenson, award-winning journalist and author of “On Gratitude,” (in which Sheryl Crow, Jeff Bridges, Alicia Keys, Deepak Chopra, and 42 other celebrities share what they are most grateful for.)

And, Lou Ragland, the leader of The World Famous Ink Spots.

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Jan. 4, 2011: Demond Wilson, Murray Sawchuck

Demond Wilson

Demond Wilson has also made numerous guest appearances on the Praise The Lord program aired on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, and is a good friend to Clifton Davis. He has also appeared as a guest star on the UPN Television Network sitcom Girlfriends, playing Lynn’s biological father, and Bill O’Reilly’s The O’Reilly Factor (1/30/09).


Murray Sawchuck

Murray SawChuck Comedian-Host-MagicStar has exploded onto the entertainment scene with the charisma, personality, and talent of a natural born star! You can’t miss him with is signature electric blonde hair, black framed Armani glasses, and his contagious smile. He is the only one in the world that invented a magic act with Compact Discs. It was his signature for years before he got into television, comedy and hosting shows. His illusion show that he toured with was among one of the most creative in the world today.

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Jan. 4, 2011: Demond Wilson, (Sanford & Son) and Murray Sawchuck, (America’s Got Talent) tonight, on Las Vegas Backstage Now!

Tonight, at 8PM Pacific Time, on Las Vegas Backstage Now, our radio show hosted by RichardSpasoff and myself on KLAV 1230 AM, and on the Internet nationally, we will have Demond Wilson, from Sanford & Son, and Murray Sawchuck, (America’s Got Talent) as our guests. It should prove to be a really interesting show!

Last night, I popped in at Bootlegger’s, (a popular Las Vegas “show-biz hangout.”) Monday is open mike night. Apparently, I walked in just as Rich Little began performing his set. He was trying out some new material that went over very well with the crowd of “regulars” having dinner, and waiting for their stage time.

Next up, was Steve Rossi from “Allen & Rossi,” back in “The Ed SullivanShow days. The last time I worked with both Steve Rossi and Rich Little, was in 1994, when we were taping a TV show out of The Debbie Reynold’s Hotel & Casino, on The Las Vegas Strip, where I had my own show, “Vegas Live,” four nights a week. The TV show was not mine. I had nothing to do with it. Nor did I book the acts on the show. However, the show was named “Las Vegas Live,” which did not make me happy, especially since my crowd thought that this was my show they were coming out to see. To add insult to injury, I wasn’t even a booked act on the show! (Welcome to Show Biz!)

When I explained to Debbie Reynolds that a lot of people came out to see me that night due to the name confusion.  Debbie agreed that I should at least be on the show.  The producer of the show told me begrudgingly: “you’re on next,” which was the third spot of the night. It was great fun. I got a standing ovation after performing a seven-minute set consisting of stand-up comedy, and impressions. The producer then put on Impressionist, Rich Little. I don’t think that Rich was too happy having to perform his set right after I did all of those impressions.

That’s Show Biz! I wonder if Rich remembers me. If not, I won’t be the one to remind him! LOL

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