Las Vegas Backstage Talk

Dec. 21, 2010: The Tokens

The Tokens

Las Vegas Backstage Talk with The Tokens. [The Lion Sleeps tonight]

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Dec. 17, 2010: Senor Wences, and his famous characters, will be re-introduced to a new generation on a national T.V. series

The JadaGrace Show is a new, national, variety television show, soon to be released, starring “nine year old sensation,” singer, dancer, actress, JadaGrace.

In episode # 3, I, Michele LaFong, protege of famous international ventriloquist Senor Wences, and Johnny, his famous “lipstick hand-puppet, were introduced as a new recurring act. Johnny and Senor Wences’ other famous characters were passed on to LaFong in March of ’98, as documented in LIFE magazine.

In a very funny scene, following Michele & Johnny’s performance, in which Lafong and Johnny were thanking JadaGrace and her manager, for hiring them, JadaGrace’s manager had a question for LaFong, and got frustrated when Johnny, the puppet, kept answering for Michele. In an unplanned “take,” the manager actually covered the “lipstick hand-puppet’s” mouth with his hand, to shut him up!

The actor who “plays” the manager, confessed off camera, that looking at Johnny’s face, and forgetting that the “lipstick hand-puppet” was not a real person, was “truly disturbing!”

“Kudos” to The JadaGrace Show for being the first national television series that will re-introduce Senor Wences, and his beloved famous characters, to a new generation, since “The Muppet Show Featuring Senor Wences” and thanks to the power of YouTube, here is a portion of that show… You’ll love the opening … Typical Senor Wences!

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Dec. 14, 2010: Gary Willner

Gary Willner

Las Vegas Backstage Talk with Gary Willner.

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Dec. 4, 2010: Las Vegas Backstage Now starring Michele LaFong & Richard Spasoff “beats Stevie Wonder To The Punch!”

Last Tuesday was the debut of Las Vegas Backstage Now on KLAV 1230 AM, With Your Hosts, Michele LaFong, and Richard Spasoff.

Lisa Dawn Miller was one of the very talented guests we had on our show. She is the daughter of “world renowned” Ron Miller, (1932-2007) who “was one of the most prolific and significant songwriters of all time.”

His countless hits of original songs include “For Once In My Life,” and “Touch Me In The Morning.”

Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, and Stevie Wonder, are just some of the legends in music that have recorded Ron Miller’s endless list of very famous songs.

Lisa Dawn Miller is also a gifted songwriter and singer, with a signature style. She is a producer, actor, and was a great interview!

The highlight was when Lisa broke some great and exciting news about Oliver Richman, Lisa’s ten-year old son, who previous to this news, was already booked to be our featured Guest Star for our up-coming show this Tuesday.

The news came, as a result of a music-video that featured a performance of Oliver Richman, produced by Lisa, and posted up on You-Tube. The video went “viral” immediately, and caught the attention of Stevie Wonder Productions!

Stevie Wonder, who, of course, sang and recorded many of Ron’s songs, was also a huge fan and friend of Lisa’s very famous father, Ron Miller.

Stevie Wonder, now aware of Oliver Richman and Lisa Dawn Miller’s talents, invited them both to perform at Stevie’s 15th Annual “House Full Of Toys” Benefit at The Nokia Theatre, live, in L.A., on Dec.18.

Remember Stevie…or should I say Mr. Wonder…Las Vegas Backstage Now discovered Oliver Richman first!

Don’t forget to catch ten-year old, Oliver Richman, who will be featured along with humor writer, Carol Scibelli, creator and author of “Poor Widow Me!”

Las Vegas Backstage Now this Tuesday, December 7, at 8pm Pacific time on KLAV 1230 AM.

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