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Nov. 27, 2010: Las Vegas Backstage Now, hosted by Michele LaFong & Richard Spasoff

Las Vegas Backstage Now will now be hosted by Michele LaFong and Richard Spasoff. The show will air every Tuesday night, beginning November 30th, on KLAV AM 1230 from 8pm-9pm, Pacific Time.

“Old” and “New,” “Show Biz” legends alike, and many fresh and “up and coming stars,” have already been guests on Richard Spasoff’s previous radio shows including: Garry Marshall, Pauly Shore, Wayne Newton, Phyllis Diller, Tim Conway, etc.

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Nov. 20, 2010: Update On G2E (Global Gaming Expo) At The LV Convention Center

Finally, I’m winding down from showcasing and emceeing, on the main stage, for G2E’s Annual Headline Showcase at The Las Vegas Convention Center, from Nov.16-Nov. 18. Tuesday Nov.16, was a long, but very rewarding, day for me. I was emceeing the show from 12-4pm, and had two separate 15-minute showcase spots.

On the first spot, I performed two segments from my new show “Senor Wences Returns” Starring Michele LaFong Comedy, Cast & Crew (complete with video footage.) I opened the show with The Original “Johnny”, the lipstick handpuppet, that Senor Wences became most famous for. Paco, my hot latino “stud-puppet,” also made an appearance.

On the second spot, I performed on the stage with my “brilliant” music director, Michael Shane, where I concentrated on stand-up comedy and impressions with some quick, funny interaction between Michael and myself, throughout the show.

Also performing on the showcase that day were The ZOOperstars! (Comedic, musical Variety Act), Justin Flom (Comedian/magician), Craig Moritz Country Band, Patrick Murray & Matilda (Comedian/ventriloquist), The Thomas Nicholas Band (Rock), and Country Superstars Tribute. All the showcased acts were truly excellent.

At 5PM, Clinton Billups Jr.,The Arena Manager of G2E, brought the industry networking party across the street to The Clarion Hotel.

Michael Shane started the show warm-up, and entertained the crowd by singing some up-beat tunes, with his “Joe Cocker like” voice, while playing the keyboards, and then, I emceed “The Comedy Jam Show.”

First up, I put on one of my favorites, Tanya Lee. She “kicked major comedy butt” She totally destroyed! That “set the tone” for a very successful show. “She is one funny midget!” Mark my words, it’s only a matter of time before Tanya Lee becomes a household name.

Everyone who followed her on the show did very well too. Some of the acts included Larry G. Jones, “Red Skeleton,” and “comedy heavyweight,” singing impressionist, Scott Record, who was the emcee, and was performing a 15- minute spot at G2E the next day on Wed. Nov.17. He did an incredible job. He actually had buyers booking dates just from watching, and hearing his sound check!

All the acts on the show with Scott Record were terrific too. The line-up went as follows: Under A Blood Red Sky (Tribute), Paul Myerhaug (comedian), Miles Mosley (Jazz/Funk; Pop Rock), Kat Simmons,(Comedian), The Partland Brothers, (Adult Contemporary), John DiResta (comedian) The ROCKSHOW JOURNEY (Tribute).

Thursday, Jan.18, The showcase continued with The Pow Wow Comedy Jam, taking the first spot, and emceeing, Michael Sarvar/country, and Blaze Of Glory (Tribute act). As usual Bob Cummings from Bob Cumming’s TV did an awesome job videotaping the entire event.

I have lots of new footage from this event that I will soon be posting.

Stay tuned.

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Nov. 12, 2010: Upon The Second Viewing Of The Joy Behar Show Last Night…

Upon the second viewing of The Joy Behar Show with Colin Quinn last night, I now feel a lot better about what I saw. The way I happened to come up in the conversation was: Colin was going on and on about how his new hit one-man show on Broadway was produced and backed by Jerry Seinfeld.

He continued, “no one cares about me, they only care about Jerry Seinfeld!” (They, then posted pictures up of Colin Quinn with Jerry Seinfeld.)

“I know exactly what you mean” Joy Behar said. “Remember Michele LaFong? One of the gigs that she had booked me on was in The Catskills, and I walked in and saw a giant sign that said (In big letters) Michele LaFong Productions Presents: (In tiny letters) Joy Behar. No one cared
about Me!”

In the age of rewind, it’s great to be able to clarify!

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Nov. 11, 2010: Joy Behar And Colin Quinn Remember Michele LaFong “On The Air”

I was watching The Joy Behar Show last night. Colin Quinn was the guest. He was plugging his new hit one-man show on Broadway, when suddenly the conversation segued to “remember the old days of comedy?” Joy asked Colin, “when Michele LaFong would book all of us?” “Yes,” he giggled. (Of course Colin remembered. We used to perform in the comedy club, and college circuit together too.)

They both laughed and made fun of my name. Yes, Colin admitted that he had worked with me and for me too. Then Joy proceeded to tell a story about a particular gig that I had booked her on many years ago. As usual, she gave her version of it. She LOVES to tell that story!

No matter how many times I’ve explained that “I had nothing to do with how big, or not so big, Joy’s name was on the sign of the gig, where she was performing at, she insists on repeating this story over and over, “that when she walked in, she saw a sign that said in big, giant letters: MICHELE LAFONG PRODUCTIONS presents: (in tiny little letters,) Joy Behar.”

What I’ve tried to explain to Joy every time she tells that story is that I didn’t even know that the venue had printed a sign!

Back then, the fact was that I was the name that everyone in that venue knew! At that time, no one had ever heard of Joy Behar. Michele LaFong Productions was the name with the reputation! Maybe that’s why they chose to do it that way.

Hey, at least everyone still remembers my name! I love it!

All the comics I’ve worked with seem to have “LaFong” stories. I’ve always been talked about on television over the years. Even Joan Rivers mentioned me on her show way back when, and the producer of The Sally Jesse Raphael Show referred to me as the most memorable guest on Sally’s Show years later, when he was interviewed on another talk show. I just happened to catch that too!

Whether it’s Andrew Dice Clay, actor/director, Mike Nichols, or Kevin James, (to whom I gave his very first gig after he attended one of my comedy seminars,) they all have stories to tell.

I have quite a few of my own. Maybe I should write a book. Hmmm…

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Nov. 9, 2010: Quick Update

Great gig at Pierro’s last night.  I have not performed for a small private party in a long time.  What fun!  I love and miss the intimacy of it.

I used to specialize in “working crowds,” especially at private events and was hired to perform for all kinds of celebrities and rank on them, back when I lived in New York.  This was very reminiscent of those days.

Please don’t forget to catch me on KLAV AM 1230 radio tonight at 8pm-8:20pm on The Psychic Medium Spasoff Show.

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Nov. 8, 2010: Donald Trump for President?

by Michele LaFong

Last week, Donald Trump was a guest on Barbara Walter’s TV show, “The View,” where he announced that for the first time he was considering to run for president as a candidate for the Republican Party. Some may say he would have no chance. I too might have said that.

However, after what I call the “Sharon Angle scare” when the NV senate race was so close in the election last week, one just never knows.

I can see the lure of Donald Trump for president in these hard economic times because it would be tempting to see the country being run like a business for a change, by the tough no nonsense businessman that Donald Trump portrays himself to be, complete with full accountability, embarrassment of the “wrong doers” and of course the FIRINGS.

If what happened in The Bush Administration in the last four years of his presidency would have happened under Donald Trump, maybe then we would at least have the satisfaction of tuning in to the “big boardroom meeting,” where all those responsible would be slammed and shamed in public after giving their lame excuses for the state of affairs that has led to where we were when President Obama first took

What a rating bonanza that would have been. Oh, and bring the banks into the boardroom meeting too!

“President” Donald Trump: “Dick Cheney…you’re fired! Donald Rumsfeld…you’re fired! …And on and on. Now all of you just get out of here”.

It sure would have made ME feel better.

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